Reaching decision makers is a challenge

Too much noise, too much competition

Traditional media no longer reaches your audience

  • In an increasingly cluttered market, marketing is no longer broadcasting messages people don’t want to hear.
  • It’s about building a community that share your vision and ultimately will become your clients”

How we help you stand out from the crowd

We help you identify the message that will engage with your audience, and package it ready for audio, visual and text communication.

Our 3 most popular communication tools:

Step 1


Step 2

How to package

Step 3

Reaching your audience

About Jim Kent

Jim Kent is a leading event host and marketing professional in Luxembourg.

After 5 years as a breakfast radio DJ, Jim started a legal marketing firm in Luxembourg. His media career has taken him to Bangkok and more recently Barcelona as owner of the English language station for Catalunya and a BBC radio news correspondent.

He has been hosting events for many organisations and companies for 20 years alongside interviewing business leaders, politicians and personalities. Call him on +352 621617294 or

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