EURES Training and Placement and Matching. February 2019 Budapest

This was an exceptional group of people! Wow!

Placement and matching is a core part of what many EURES Advisers do and therefore it is always useful to refresh our knowledge on the human and technical part of matching job-seekers to job opportunities.

This training combined both parts with tools on how to help job seekers clarify their own needs whilst at the same time helping employers provide clear descriptions and support to new employees.

If you like acronyms this is the event for you as we discussed and reviewed; ESCO, EQF and the European Skills Panorama as produced by CEDEFOP, the regulated professions database as well as ENIC-NARIC. Many additional links, including to the EURES Portal, and a range of services can be found here. For the videos of the case exercises you can find all the presentations on the extranet, with links to the videos included.

The EURES Training project is delivered by CRI Luxembourg ( in partnership with EY (Italy), and is managed by the Directorate General Employment (European Commission)

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