EURES Line Managers\’ Workshop in Brussels

The Line Managers’ Workshop held in Brussels is an opportunity for managers from public employment services (PES) around the EU to gain perspective on European labour market mobility, an understanding of what EURES really is, as well as to learn of best practice from EURES training experts. We welcomed several members of the European coordination team (ECO), who are central to the practical delivery of the IT, communication and training functions.

Almost all of the line managers in attendance are managing large teams within their countries PES and therefore are very familiar with their national policies and issues surrounding inbound recruitment, but this training helps attendees to expand their horizons, reminding us all of how effective Europe can be when nations truly work together.

This training includes trips to the Actiris headquarters (the PES of the Brussels-capital region) and their one-stop-shop for jobseekers as well as theParlamentarium, reminding us of Europe’s history since WWII.

It was a pleasure to moderate a lovely group of people and I look forward to keeping in contact with many.

Jim Kent

The EURES Training project is delivered by CRI Luxembourg (

in partnership with EY (Italy), and is managed by the Directorate General Employment (European Commission)

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