How does it work?

Having an expert moderator will transform your event. Whether it is in front of a crowd of thousands or an audience of 100 experts. Helping the audience to stay engaged, whilst seamlessly “segueing” between speakers and asking the rights questions at the right time. That is what I have been doing for 20 years. I know how important your brand is and therefore you can be guaranteed of complete professionalism from planning, delivery and execution.

Initial Meeting

We discuss what you want, the overall message of the event, the marketing goal and the profiles of any guests.

The Script

In close collaboration with you, we create the key questions and bullet point with suggested answers.

The Event

We arrive early and chat again to ensure we are aligned. For the event itself, we do all we can to ensure that your guests are prepared and relaxed. While we make sure we deliver the best possible experience


How can we all improve and did we meet the marketing goals? Comprehensive feedback both positive and negative helps all of us.

Jim Kent
Jim Kent with the Champions of the Luxembourg Economy