Recognising Qualifications in Prague 2018

Prague has been a focus of many EURES Advisers this month as it hosted both the #EURESinAction event and secondly the ‘Qualification recognition workshop’. The workshop welcomed representatives across the EU from Bulgaria in the east to Ireland and Portugal in the west. If you like acronyms this is the event for you as we discussed and reviewed; ESCO, EQF and the European Skills Panorama as produced by CEDEFOP, the regulated professions database as well as ENIC-NARIC. Many additional links, including to the EURES Portal, and a range of services can be found here.

A tricky question for EURES Advisers is what information to provide to jobseekers and when to do it. Should we simply send links or have a more hands-on guiding approach? We welcomed a local representative of the Czech ENIC-NARIC office who provided insight into their role and it became clear that even though they are a European network there are differences between EU Member States as to their own bandwidth to provide services and how closely they currently work with EURES Advisers in any one country. The conclusion is that despite best efforts to harmonise qualifications, there is still more work needed to enable workers to cross borders and thus fulfil one of the founding directives of the EU for cross-border mobility.

We benefited from blue skies and 25 degrees on both days in Prague which helped! The EURES Training project is delivered by CRI Luxembourg ( in partnership with EY (Italy), and is managed by Directorate General Employment (European Commission)

written by Jim Kent

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