Riga the ideal location for Matching!

With a population of 650,000, Riga the capital of Latvia is a successful, bustling capital with lots to offer. It played host to the ‘Matching & placement: Tools and strategies’ workshop for 25 EURES advisers across the EU. The sessions included a breakdown of how we can be more effective in working with employers and job seekers and Daniel Bellón from EURES Las Palmas presented many of the tools and strategies that can be used. This training was different from many of the others where the objective is to create brand new projects, instead this training provided more hands on practice in areas such as interview skills and needs analysis.

The group of attendees quickly bonded and it was great to share the experience of being the moderator and presenter to such an enthusiastic and friendly group. As demonstrated by the final evening when 14 of us stayed an additional night and everyone joined for an armenian dining experience. The EURES Training project is delivered by CRI Luxembourg (https://cri-group.eu/) in partnership with EY (Italy), and is managed by Directorate General Employment (European Commission).

Written by  jim.kent@cri-group.net

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