Helping you bring your training to life?

 Whether its communication skills, media training or personal development, I have delivered training across the financial, public, and private sectors, I take pride in being a top-tier trainer and have cultivated a diverse skill set that enables me to excel in delivering exceptional training programs.  I totally believe in engaging teaching methods to ensure an enriching and impactful learning experience. Through my broad experience, I have honed the ability to tailor my training sessions to suit the specific needs and objectives of individuals and organisations alike. Join me on this transformative journey as we unlock your true potential and empower you to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of today’s professional world.

Communication Skills

Every organisation, lives or dies by good communication. For internal inspiration, to extern al brand management. It is more than having the right communication policy in place its about the skills and day to day delivery by the CEO and team leaders. We can help.

How to be the ultimate moderator

If you are focused on raising your profile in your industry sector then to be nominated as the moderator can be a key success or a barbed chalice.  Equip yourself with expert moderator skills as I share from my own 20 year experience of success and failures. This course is totally focused on you, with lost of practice, feedback and improvement.

Perfect Pitch

Whether internally to your colleagues or externally to your prospects, having  the perfect pitch is the most important part of your corporate tool kit. Based on the theory of the “power of persuasion” . This day has the potential to make a huge difference in your day to day business success.

Group dynamics and team management

What colour are the members of your team, is a useful tool, to help you unpack the personality of your colleagues while understand how they perceive you. This workshop can prevent future conflicts and help teams function more effectively, by keeping expectations realistic.

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