Presentation skills training

Boost your on stage presence

Whether you want to be in front of thousands, or 50 people, you need to get the fundamentals right. Boost your presence and make the room listen.  In an era of AI, human skills are what will count. Invest in your ability to be persuasive and hold the room. All it takes is three hours of your time and the benefits will be clear to see.

Do you have something specific coming up?

Know your audience

Understand the expectations of your audience. Find key people in the room. Do they want education or entertainment? You have to deliver both.


Overcoming nerves, clarity in communicating and using your body to control the room. For some people these elements come naturally, for others its about technique and learned skills. Whatever your level we can help you move forward.

Problem solving

The best people on stage can flourish, even when the teleprompter breaks down or there is a commotion in the audience. How to regain the room, how to refocus minds, how to make a positive lasting impression. Join us.

Jim Kent Moderating

For individuals:  We hold regular 3 hour training sessions in our conference room in Bonnevoie

For companies : We come to your office and the 3 hour session can be delivered in one block or split over 2 lunchtimes.

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