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The war in Ukraine has brought immense suffering to countless families. The “Healthy Initiatives” team is dedicated to alleviating some of this pain by raising funds to purchase ambulances for the evacuation of wounded and non-transportable civilians. Just recently our organisation took part in the “Convoy of Hope” having delivered 50 ambulances to Ukraine as part of Ukraine Focus mission  

Why do we need more and on a regular basis? 

Near the front lines, an ambulance usually serves two months due to relentless shelling and impassable roads. Ambulances and healthcare facilities remain a number one target of the Russians. Still, one ambulance saves up to 250 lives on a monthly basis. You can save someone’s life and contribute to someone’s joy of staying alive  

This is why we opt for used vehicles which we looked for, far and wide, buying at reduced prices.

The average cost of an ambulance is 7,000 euros. This is the price we pay to ensure that the wounded don’t have to walk several kilometers to the hospital under fire. An ambulance allows paramedics to transport the wounded safely and provide first medical assistance, rather than carrying them on their shoulders or using bicycles, as we have sadly witnessed.

Make a difference.  Timely medical assistance means that children will see their parents again. We cannot stop the war, but we can fight on the side of light.

We are organizing a charity evening to raise funds for ambulances in Ukraine. Your presence would mean the world to us, and we are grateful for every donation, big or small.

100% of the funds will be used for the purchase and delivery of ambulances to Ukraine’s darkest areas  

Join us in this vital mission. All we are asking is that you bring a bottle and be willing to make a donation towards the cause.


For any questions, please mail me on or call on 621617294 or complete the form below.