EURES Line Managers\’ Workshop in Brussels

The Line Managers’ Workshop held in Brussels is an opportunity for managers from public employment services (PES) around the EU to gain perspective on European labour market mobility, an understanding of what EURES really is, as well as to learn of best practice from EURES training experts. We welcomed several members of the European coordination …

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Recognising Qualifications in Prague 2018

Prague has been a focus of many EURES Advisers this month as it hosted both the #EURESinAction event and secondly the ‘Qualification recognition workshop’. The workshop welcomed representatives across the EU from Bulgaria in the east to Ireland and Portugal in the west. If you like acronyms this is the event for you as we discussed and reviewed; ESCO, …

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Eures Line Manager Training

April 2018 we welcomed Eures Line managers to Brussels for incredibly sunny week. Based in the gorgeous \”Fellini\” themed converted cinema with expert presentation from various members of the European Coordination office and Eures experts. They were a lovely group and I look forward to keeping in touch with many of them.

Jim Kent in Berlin

EURES training in Berlin

March was a busy period for events and I hosted and moderated the participants for the advanced training in Tax and Social Security. Excellent content from Gabriel Tavits, was warmly appreciated by many. I was subcontracted by CRI Luxembourg, who are delivering this project to DG EMPL in a consortium with EY.